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This is the first electronic version of the IUVSTA News Bulletin. Since this is a new medium for our journal everything is new and we are experimenting to optimize the format. We do invite the reader to give comments, positive or negative - all comments are very welcome to help improve your bulletin! As you can see we do have a backlog now of almost 9 months, due both to delay in publishing the three last paper issues last autumn, and extra time needed to establish the new format for this version. We are in parallel also working with nr. 142. It will cover the period July - December 1997 and should be ready to be released very soon.

As you have seen, we are regularly updating all material in the web when it is outdated. The News Bulletin, however, will besides being our news channel also serve as an archiving journal for articles about IUVSTA activities. Therefore we will not change the information in these issues even if it is outdated and no longer available in the web.

Our procedure for handling news articles concerning IUVSTA activities will be the following:

  1. The appropriate page of the web will be updated as soon as the information is available.

  2. Information on what's new will be "flashed" on the NEWS section of the web.

  3. Twice per year, selected articles will be "published" in the IUVSTA News Bulletin by linking them to the Bulletin.

  4. When text in the web, to which an issue of the Bulletin has been linked, has become outdated and has been removed from the web, it will still be possible to view it by downloading the full issue of the Bulletin to which it had been linked.
We do welcome contributions from our readers on matters of common interest. It would for instance be very interesting to receive articles on the history of vacuum science, also reports of interviews with vacuum specialists, founding members of IUVSTA etc.

Instructions for downloading the whole issue will be given at a later stage, when all parts of the News Bulletin are no longer active parts of the web. For the moment everything is written in html and should not cause any problems to download.

--- LW

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