No. 153, January - June 2003

Technical Short Course in China

Chinese Vacuum Society has recently organized a Technical Short Course for the technicians, production engineers and students in Beijing. The aim was to increase a level of competence required for safe and sound commissioning, handling/operation, and maintenance of vacuum equipment/systems in the local industries and laboratories of educational institutions. Basic information on the Course are listed below:

The TSC was held on 8-12 December 2003, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
Number of Attendee: 93
Title of the short course: Basics of vacuum technology
Content of the short course:
Introduction (Cha Liang Zheng)
Chapter 1 Kinetic Theory of Gases (Chen Xu)
Chapter 2 Physical and Chemical Phenomena on the gas-Solid Interface (Chen Xu)
Chapter 3 Production of High Vacuum (Dong Yong)
Chapter 4 Total pressure Measurements and Vacuum Meters (Zhang Zheng Xiang)
Chapter 5 Partial pressure Measurements (Zhang Zheng Xiang)
Chapter 6 Leakage Detection (Cha Liang Zheng)
Chapter 7 Vacuum System (Dong Yong)

Text book used : Vacuum Technology, author: Wang Yu Zhi, language: Chinese

Each chapter took half day (including Introduction). Experimental demonstrations were arranged each evening. The last day an examination took place in the morning and a visit of a vacuum factory in the afternoon.

The Technical Short Course in Beijing attracted a great number of attendees, and in its scope and organization was a very successful national Technical Short Course. It was partially supported by the IUVSTA grant approved to the Chinese Vacuum Society at the ECM93 in Dubrovnik, September 2003.