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Immediately after the First International Congress

on Vacuum Technology, an international secretariat

was set up in Brussels under E. Thomas to handle

daily operations and coordinate the work of the

Executive Committee created at the Congress.

The Executive Committee wrote a draft

constitution and by-laws which, as agreed,

were submitted to the participants of the

First Congress and to many societies and

to persons interested in vacuum science

and technology who had not attended the

Congress. Their comments and suggestions

were incorporated in the drafts with minor

changes. The new organisation, called

the International Organisation for Vacuum

Science and Technology (IOVST), was

constituted in conformity with the Belgian

laws for international scientific organisations

seated in Brussels.

The IOVSTwas officially

registered and granted civil rights by a

Belgian Royal Decree on 7 August 1959.

Themembership of the IOVSTwas composed

of individual and corporate members, inclu­

ding non-profit institutions and scientific

organisations as well as commercial and

industrial corporations and businesses. The

finances of the organisation were derived

from membership dues and grants from

institutions. The IOVST was administered by

a General Meeting, an Executive Committee

and the Secretariat in Brussels. The General

Meeting represented all the membership and

was vested with broad powers to make deci­

sions on all aspects of the organisation. An

Executive Committee, made up of twelve

members, served as the administrative arm

of the General Meeting and was assisted by

an Advisory Committee. A News Bulletin was

published, and several standing committees

were organised: A Congress Committee, a

Standardisation Committee and an Education


By the end of November, 1959, the

organisation had 32 Corporate Founder

Members and 418 Individual Founder

Members from 24 countries.

The IOVST Executive Committee

consisted of the following officers

and members:


E. Thomas (B)

Vice President

M. W. Welch (USA)


A. S. D. Barrett (GB)


G. Lovinfosse (B)


G. Brogren (S),


K. Diels (D),


J. Dunoyer (F),

A. Venema (NL)