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This committee was known as the

Cologne Committee, and later as the

Statutes Committee of the IOVST.The task

of drafting a constitution and bylaws for a

new federation was given to M. Berthaud

and E. Thomas. This work continued

for nearly two years with many reviews

by various national bodies. Four drafts

were made before final completion and

acceptance by the Cologne Committee at

its meeting in Dijon on 5 November 1962.

There had obviously been the possibility

of the IOVST coexisting with the new

federation, but it was the desire of the

IOVST Executive Committee to terminate

the IOVST when the new federation was

created. They believed that there needed

to be only one international vacuum

organisation. This was without question

a wise decision because the coexistence

of two international organisations would

certainly have led to difficulties. At the

General Meeting of the IOVST, which was

held in Washington, DC, in October 1961

during the Second International Congress

on Vacuum Science and Technology, more

time was granted to convert the IOVST into

a federation. A motion put by B. B. Dayton

(USA) was unanimously approved. The

motion was that the present Officers and

Executive Committee of the IOVST continue

in office until an Extraordinary General

Meeting could be held to dissolve the IOVST

and until Officers of the new federation

could be elected to serve under the

provisions of its statutes. By this time, the

total IOVST membership had grown to over

600 members representing 28 countries.

At the Extraordinary General Meeting

which was held in Brussels on

8 December 1962, the IOVST was

dissolved in accordance with a letter

ballot vote of 16 July 1962. A new

constitution was adopted with the

formation of the International Union

for Vacuum Science, Technique and

Applications (IUVSTA). The assets

(approximately US$ 15,000) and

records of the IOVST were transferred

to the new organisation. On the same

day, the IUVSTA held its first General

Meeting. The following ten countries

were represented and their national

vacuum organisations became Founder

Members of IUVSTA:


Federal Republic of Germany





Great Britain

United States of America

The Netherlands


The General Meeting adopted

the proposed bylaws drafted by

M. Berthaud and E.Thomas and

elected the following Officers

and Councillors for IUVSTA’s first

triennium period 1962-65:


M. W. Welch (USA)




J. Debiesse (F)

(President Elect)




E. Thomas (B)


A. S. D. Barrett (GB)

G. Brogren (S)

M. Berthaud (F)

K. Diels (D)

H. Gruber (D)

E. Kansky (YU)

R. Mercier (CH)

E. Thomas (B)

A. Venema (NL)

L. Villena (E)

J. Yarwood (GB)