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The General Meeting fixed the number

of contributory shares for each Founder

Member, established a budget, and set

the amount of a unit contributory share at

US$ 20. It also determined the objectives of

its Scientific and Technical Directorate (STD).

The IUVSTA maintained the legal status

which had been granted to the IOVST in

compliance with Belgian laws on international

associations having scientific aims.

The Executive Council, which also met

for the first time on 8 December 1962,

appointed E. Thomas as Secretary

General and as Secretary of the STD,

R. Mercier as Treasurer, K. Diels as

Scientific Director of the STD and

J. Yarwood as Recording Secretary,

a post he held for many years. The

Council also set the Union’s program of

activities for the triennium. This included

the following main points: to continue to

encourage the establishment of national

vacuum societies and committees where

they did not yet exist, to coordinate

meetings of the national societies in order

to avoid conflict of dates, to prepare a

manual on the purpose and policies of the

Union, to organise the Third International

Vacuum Congress, to publish a News

Bulletin on the activities of the Union,

and to develop working groups within

the STD on education, bibliography and

literature, measurements and standards.

In response to these objectives, K. Diels

set up the following four Working Groups

within the framework of the STD:

Working Group Chairman


D. A. Degras (F)

Documentation J. H. Makkink (NL)

Development of

W. Steckelmacher (GB)

Measuring Methods

Standardisation W. Hänlein (D)

The statutes of the Union proved to

endure time remarkably well.They have

served the Union for more than fifty

years with only minor modifications.

ECM-76 - San Diego, USA