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During this triennium (2016-2019), IUVSTA is

turning 60. This is the very good occasion to

initiate new actions of communication inside

and outside the Union, towards all colleagues

attending our meetings, schools, workshops,

exhibitions and other technological and

scientific events, organised most of the time

by our member societies.

This book is one of these actions, and it is a

wonderful tool of exchange with all member

societies and more, and to honour, by

updating them, these fabulous texts already

set by past editorial teams (see introduction

on the following page).

We want here to express very special thanks

to Marie-Geneviève Barthés-Labrousse and

Nikola Radic, who have invested their time

and competences for the best success of

this 2018 edition of “IUVSTA book”, in an

editorial team chaired by Anouk Galtayries,

and completed by the work of Sylvie

Bourgeois, and Mariano Anderle.

For its first time as a paper book and as

an electronic book, it was not possible to

imagine it without :

many photographs provided by many of

you, especially IvanPetrov, LarsWesterberg,

and John Grant, but not only. Many thanks

to all of you!

the financial help of the sponsors, from

8 different countries. Many thanks to all

companies and to their representatives

for this project.

IUVSTA is 60, is active and is ready to tackle

the scientific and technological challenges

for society across the world.

We are only at the beginning of a new

century of new projects and ways to give

to IUVSTA the role and visibility it deserves.

Mariano Anderle

(IUVSTA Past President)

Lars Montelius

(IUVSTA President)

Anouk Galtayries

(IUVSTA President-Elect)