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It would appear that the IOVST was off to an

excellent start. However, this proved not to

be the case because of problems concerning

the composition of its membership. In

some countries, because of government

restrictions, it was impossible for technical

societies, and in some cases even individuals,

to join a foreign organisation composed of

private individuals and corporate bodies.

For this reason, some vacuists and national

vacuum societies were excluded from

participation in the activities of the IOVST.

Had the IOVST been organised as a federation

of only national vacuum organisations and had

it not permitted private membership, it would

have been difficult to obtain broad international

participation since only three or four such

national organisations existed in 1959. It

appears that the Executive Committee was

aware of this dilemma and elected initially to

allow individual and corporate memberships,

but had as its final goal to organise a federation

of national vacuum societies once a sufficient

number of these had formed. In the meantime

the Executive Committee was making every

effort to encourage the creation of national

vacuum societies in countries where they did

not yet exist.

This campaign was quite successful. On

27 January 1961 in Cologne a meeting

was held between members of several

national vacuum organisations and IOVST

representatives to consider what could be

done to form an international federation of

national vacuum societies. The meeting

was called by K. Diels (D) and those in

attendance were A. S. D. Barrett (GB),

M. Berthaud (F), C. Biguenet (F), D. Degras

(F), R. Jaeckel (D), E. Thomas (B), and

L. Wegmann (CH).