Message from the President

President’s Inaugural Statement
Lars Montelius, Busan, Korea, August 2016

The goal during the next three years is to further develop IUVSTA and its identity as an inspiring, competent, engaging, well known and influential international organization that proudly serve society. Our new activities, being discussed during the past triennium related to setting up a communication plan and develop a completely new and modern web-interface, are instrumental for achieving the goal.

Further, we shall continue the good work during the last triennium when it comes to enlarging IUVSTA by attracting new member states and helping new member states to form national organizations. In addition, we shall continue the discussions about developing IUVSTA as an organization that clearly has an important role for the development of a resilient society. We shall bring IUVSTA into the international dialogue by active engagement in important science policy actions and discussions.

The paradigm in science is changing. In the past it was all about individual achievements – whether individual mean individual nation or individual scientists. A typical example of the past paradigm was putting a man on the moon. Nowadays, we are facing complex grand challenges such as Ageing Population, Obesity, Clean-Water for everybody, Safe Society etc that need to be addressed in concert. Hence, the perception of science – from a community perspective – has become more and more important. In a further reduction and in one sentence, it is all about engagement of the citizens – and ultimately to knowledge empowerment of the consumers/citizens. This new paradigm implies that we have to be able to tell and explain our scientific and engineering world to the common people in the streets. In short, this is our scientific social responsibility.

We need to articulate clearly our role in problems that the younger generation is interested in, i.e. to convey the importance of Vacuum Science in relation to social innovation and societal development and thereby increase the interest of young people for becoming members in national societies and for work within IUVSTA, i.e. making students and post-docs more interested in the subject of Vacuum Science. Here our new initiatives for awards and prizes for younger scientists will be instrumental. Presently, internet-of-everything, industry 4.0 and augmented reality/virtual reality are hot subjects into which IUVSTA have to discuss its role.

I believe from the bottom of my heart that IUVSTA has a very important role to play in the research, technology and innovation processes fostering a sustainable societal development. I will work together with all members of IUVSTA and specifically together with the officers, to develop IUVSTA to become an influential entity that students and professionals in the vacuum community worldwide will be proud of being a part of.