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Mechanical Vacuum Engineer

EGO has opened a position, and the announcement can be found here: http://www.ego-gw.it/public/organization/jobs/jobs.aspx

EGO is a French-Italian consortium with the mission to ensure the long term scientific exploitation of VIRGO experiment, the gravitational wave detector built in Italy, near Pisa – Tuscany.
Gravitational waves detection have recently opened a totally new window in the observation of the Universe and in the understanding of its origin and evolution, pushing the efforts in the operation and upgrade of GW detectors.
The new vacuum engineer will be a member of the Vacuum group, that operates one of the major european UHV system, and will work in contact with other scientists and engineers of the Virgo experiment and in community with LIGO (US) and other international laboratories.
The ideal candidate will have a master degree in engineering or physics, and a few years experience in vacuum technology; the intention of a long term commitment is considered important.
EGO offers a salary of about 30 keur net per year, and an initial appointment of 2 years (via temp agency), with the possibility of long term position.
For further information, candidates can also contact us via email: antonio.pasqualetti@ego-gw.it