Scientific Activities

The Scientific and Technical Directorate (STD) coordinates the Scientific and Technical activities of the eight IUVSTA Divisions:

  • Applied Surface Science Division
  • Biointerfaces Division
  • Electronic Materials & Processing Division
  • Nanometer Structures Division
  • Plasma Science & Technique Division
  • Surface Engineering Division
  • Surface Science Division
  • Thin Film Division
  • Vacuum Science and Technology Division

The chairpersons and members of the different Divisions, who are not Executive Council members usually, participate at Executive Meeting sessions as observers with the right to speak but not to vote.

The main scientific activities consist in:

  • organization of scientific meetings as specialized IUVSTA Workshops and IUVSTA SchoolsHighlight Seminars, as well as Technical Courses with the active participation of the National Societies federated by the Union,
  • coordination of the scientific and technical program of the triennial International Vacuum Congress (IVC) and other international conferences sponsored by the Union as ECOSSEVCICTF and VASSCAA. The scientific sessions of these conferences are in general divided on the basis of the IUVSTA Divisional structure. Each division plays an important role in the selection of scientific topics, invited speakers, moderators and the edition of their proceedings
  • harmonization of the technical and industrial transfer from academic groups to leading industries, with the assistance and close involvement of the National Societies members of IUVSTA
  • endorsement of conferences within the fields of remit of IUVSTA
  • making scientific information and a calendar of scientific events available on the IUVSTA Website.