Joining the Union

What is IUVSTA?

IUVSTA is a union of national vacuum societies (also vacuum-related divisions of physical/chemical/other technical societies).

What is the goal of IUVSTA?

To promote and support the development of vacuum science, technique and applications.

Joining the Union in 5 simple steps:

  1. Your Society or vacuum-related division of a physical/chemical/technical society needs to be a legal representative your country in the area of vacuum science and technology; at the moment of application, your country cannot be represented in IUVSTA by any other society (see the list of current Member Societies);
  2. Your Society needs to contact the IUVSTA Secretary General (, who will provide information and required documents;
  3. Your application will be evaluated during an Executive Council Meeting (ECM). ECMs take place twice a year, usually in March and September. Applications need to be submitted > 6 months in advance. You may be asked to present your Society during the meeting; final acceptance of new member-societies is approved at the triennial General Meeting;
  4. Your Society needs to pay the annual membership fee, which is based on the number of shares that is proposed by the submitting society and is acknowledged by the General Meeting;
  5. That’s it! Your Society can now profit from the benefits provided by the Union.

Scientific and Technical Divisions:

Divisions Page

  • Applied Surface Science,
  • Biointerfaces,
  • Electronic Materials & Processing,
  • Nanometer Structures,
  • Plasma Science and Technology,
  • Surface Engineering,
  • Surface Science,
  • Thin Film,
  • Vacuum Science and Technology,
  • Sustainable Development

Benefits of joining the Union:

  • VISIBILITY: Your society will become a Member of the biggest international vacuum science and technology union; as such, it will be promoted by IUVSTA during vacuum-science-related events which you will be able to co-organize;
  • VOTING RIGHT:Your society will be shaping the future of vacuum science and technology by having the right to propose and vote on vacuum-related projects during IUVSTA meetings;
  • COOPERATION WITH EXPERTS: Your society will be able to cooperate with world-renowned experts in vacuum science, technique and applications;
  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Your society will be able to apply for funds for the organization of Schools (up to 9,000 EUR), Workshops (up to 9,000 EUR) and Technical Training Courses (up to 2,000 EUR)

Additional Information:

Guidance on the formation of new societies which can represent their countries and become IUVSTA members
Statutes of IUVSTA English French
IUVSTA History