Educational Activities

Several educational activities are supported by the International Union for Vacuum Science Technique and Applications (IUVSTA):

  • Schools are established to provide education in a scientific topic within the fields covered by IUVSTA
  • Short Courses are held (usually in conjunction with conferences organized or sponsored by IUVSTA) to provide practically useful technical information on special techniques and procedures applicable within the fields covered by IUVSTA
  • Technical Training Courses are held in national languages to disseminate fundamental knowledge related to vacuum technology in Member Societies of the IUVSTA
  • The Visual Aids Program provides material (ppt slides and slide series) which could be used by presenters of various courses related to fields covered by IUVSTA
  • Useful links to further educational material (databases, introductory information, lectures) connected with fields covered by IUVSTA are available on the Technical Material page which contains additional information on other actual educational activities as well.