Alvaro José Damião

Doctor in Science at the State University of Campinas (2002). Senior Researcher at the Institute of Advanced Studies, as the Head of the Optical Component Manufacturing Workshop (1987-2017). Head of the Photonics Division (2007-10). A permanent faculty member of the graduate program in Space Sciences and Technologies (ITA), focusing on Physics with an emphasis on Optics, since 2011.

Main research topic

Developing optical systems and instrumentation, particularly for applications in optics and metrology. Collaborate with other institutions in the field of materials, specifically in the areas of lasers and dentistry.

Experience in developing and producing precision optical components, including deposition and characterization of coatings. Areas of interest are thin film deposition and characterization, refractive index, metrology, ellipsometry, roughness, camera calibration, laser, glassy carbon, dental resins, imaging, and laser ablation.

Quality Manager at IEAv-CTA and responsible for the Optical Surface Measurement Laboratory, accredited by INMETRO (Brazilian NMI). Coordinator for the Applied Physics and Mathematics Area in the graduate program of Space Sciences and Technologies (ITA 2013-2016).