Ana Kalijadis

Ana Kalijadis

Ana Kalijadis
Department of Materials, “Vinča” Institute of Nuclear Sciences, National Institute of the Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade
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Keywords: Carbon materials, Synthesis, Surface, Characterization, Nanoparticles, Raman

Research field and area/areas:

  • Synthesis, functionalization and characterization of various carbon-based materials (glassy carbon, bio-waste based carbon material, hydrothermal carbons, carbon cryogel)
  • Establishment of correlations between structural, morphological and surface characteristics of carbon-based materials with their application
  • Testing the effects of activating agent on the surface characteristics of activated carbon materials derived from bio-mass as a precursor
  • Application of synthesized materials as adsorbent for water purification in the field of environmental protection.
  • Testing the influence of different dopants (B, N and S) to the characteristics of various carbon materials, and their application in the field of energy storage, electroanalytical chemistry and environmental protection

Education and professional training:
2003: BSc at Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia;
2011: PhD Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
Employment history:
2004- Present “Vinca” Institute of Nuclear Sciences
2018- lecturer at PhD studies within the Biophotonics study program at the University of Belgrade (Nanostructural materials for use in biophotonics).
Publications: 1 chapter in international scientific book, 35 papers in international SCI journals
Citation number (Scopus): excluding self-citation 426
Hirsch index from Scopus: 13
Reviewing scientific journal: Recognized reviewer for international peer-reviewed journals such as Carbon, Surface & Coatings Technology, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B, Chemical Engineering Journal, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society, Chemosphere

Scopus Author ID: 24512310100