Anna Maria Coclite

Anna Maria Coclite is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Solid State Physics of the Graz University of Technology, from January 2018, after being assistant professor at the same institution from 2013. From 2010 to 2013, she has been postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under Professor Karen Gleason. She received her Ph.D. degree in Chemical Science from the University of Bari, Italy in 2010.

She is the Leader of the “Advanced Material Science” inter-faculty Field of Expertise at TU Graz since 2020. Her research has been funded by various programs, including the Marie Curie-Skłodowska Actions research fellowship. In 2016, she won the European Research Council (ERC) Starting grant to fund her research on “Smart Core-shell sensor arrays for artificial skins”.

Main research topic

Her research focus is on the deposition of thin films from initiated chemical vapor deposition or atomic layer deposition, with particular emphasis on the understanding of the correlation between structure and properties and between properties and functions. The thin films of interest were those applicable as protective coatings for flexible electronics and lithium batteries; low-k dielectrics for microelectronics; metal protection from corrosion; biomaterials; sensors and actuators. Particularly significant and well cited are her studies on the crystallization of perfluorinated polymer thin films in bilayers with smectic ß phase. Her contributions, for the first time, showed that these thin films were crystalline also when deposited from the vapor phase and that the degree of crystallization was dependent on the concentration of film precursor in the gas feed.