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Applied Surface Science

This division focuses on the application of the concepts and tools of surface science to problems in solid state physics and chemistry and materials science and technology. Current emphasis is on characterization of surfaces and interfaces and the quantification of surface analysis techniques. The division also represents IUVSTA on ISO Committee TC201 on Surface Chemical Analysis.

Topics Organization Statutes

Typical Applied Surface Science topics include:

  • Analysis of material surfaces, thin films, interphases, and interfaces
  • Metals, semiconductors, insulators, polymers, and organics
  • Coatings, adhesion, catalysis, corrosion, and wear
  • Grain boundaries, and diffusion
  • Sensors, and electronic devices
  • Biomaterials, and self-assembled monolayers
  • Surface reactions, and contamination
  • Surface treatments, and decomposition
  • Sputtering, and depth profiling
  • Developments in instrumentation and data processing
  • Quantitative surface, depth, and interface analysis
  • Development of reference materials and standards
Applied Surface Science Division 2022-2025 Triennium Applied Surface Science Division 2019-2022 Triennium
Chair USA John T Grant Chair Poland Leszek Markowski
Vice Chair Poland Mikolaj Lewankdowski Vice Chair USA John T. Grant
Secretary Slovenia Alenka Vesel Secretary vacant
Representatives Argentina Alfredo Juan Representatives Argentina Octavio Furlong
Australia Jennifer McLeod Australia Jennifer McLeod
Austria Wolgang Werner Austria Wolfgang Werner
Belgium Rony Snyders Belgium Rony Snyders
Brazil Luis C. Fontana Brazil Mauricio A. Algatti
Bulgaria Katja Vutova Bulgaria Katja Vutova
Croatia Marko Karlusic Croatia Mladen Petravic
Cuba Osvaldo de Melo
Czech Republic Jiri Capek Czech Republic Jiri Capek
Finland Mady Elbahri Finland Jari Koskinen
France Olivier Renault France Olivier Renault
Germany Michael Wahl Germany Michael Kopnarski
Great Britain David Scurr Great Britain David Scurr
Hungary Jozsef TOth Hungary Jozsef Toth
India vacant India vacant
Iran vacant Iran vacant
Israel Amos Bardea Israel Iris Visoly-Fisher
Italy Francesco Ghezzi Italy Francesco GHezzi
Japan Jiro Matsuo Japan Jiro Matsuo
Korea Jinju Park Korea Cheolho Jeon
Mexico vacant Mexico Pierre Giovanni Mani-Gonzalez
Netherlands vacant Netherlands vacant
Pakistan Zafar Iqbal Pakistan Zafar Iqbal
Phillipines Magdaleno Vasquez Jr Phillipines Jenica Rozette Y. Uy
P.R. China Yuanbo Zhang P.R. China Zhen-Chao Dong
Portugal Carlos Jose Macedo Tavares Portugal Carlos Jose Macedo Tavares
Russian Federation In suspension Russian Federation In suspension
Serbia Maja Popvic Serbia Vesna Maksimovic
Slovakia Dusan Pudis Slovakia Dusan Pudis
Slovenia Secretary Slovenia Alenka Vesel
Spain Celia Rogero Spain A. Gutierrez
Sweden Johan Gustafson Sweden Johan Gustavson
Switzerland Christian Wackerli Switzerland Johannes Schwenk

Applied Surface Science Division 2016-2019 Triennium Applied Surface Science Division 2013-2016 Triennium
Chair Poland Leszek Markowski Chair Great Britain Bonnie J. Tyler
Vice Chair Croatia Mladen Petravic Vice Chair USA John T. Grant
Secretary Austria Wolfgang Werner Secretary Poland Leszek Markowski
Representatives Argentina Gustavo Ruano Representatives Argentina
Australia Jamie Quinton Australia Jamie Quinton
Belgium Rony Snyders Austria Wolfgang Werner
Brazil Mauricio A. Algatti Belgium Rony Snyders
Bulgaria Katja Vutova Brazil Carlos R. Grandini
Czech Republic Vladimir Matolin Croatia Mladen Petravic
Finland Jari Koskinen Czech Republic Vladimir Matolin
France Oliver Renault Finland Jari Koskinen
Germany Michael Kopnarski France Florence Mercier-Bion
Great Britain David Scurr Germany Birgit Hagenhoff
Hungary Laszlo Ovari Hungary Laszlo Ovari
India D.K. Aswal India Shri T.K. Saha
Iran Iran
Israel Yaron Paz Israel Irina Gouzman
Italy Francesco Ghezzi Italy Francesco Ghezzi
Japan Daisuke Fujita Japan Hidehiko Nonaka
Korea Jeong Won Kim Korea Yongsup Park
Mexico Pierre Giovanni Mani-Gonzalez Mexico Martín Zapata Torres
Netherlands Netherlands
Pakistan Zafar Iqbal Pakistan Zafar Iqbal
Philippines Hernando S. Salapare III P.R. China Zhen-Chao Dong
P.R. China Zhen-Chao Dong Portugal Carlos Tavares
Portugal Carlos Tavares Russian Federation Alexey K. Rebrov
Russian Federation Alexey K. Rebrov Slovakia Lubomír Caplovic
Slovakia Lubomír Caplovic Slovenia Janez Kovac
Slovenia Janez Kovac Spain A. Gutierrez
Spain A. Gutierrez Sweden Joachim Schnadt
Sweden Edvin Lundgren Switzerland
USA John T. Grant