This division focuses on the interaction of biological fluids with solid surfaces. The applications are linked with biomaterials, biotechnology, personal care and medical devices, food production, but also adhesion, corrosion and fouling.

The proposal for the set-up of the Biointerfaces division which was accepted at the 18th General Meeting can be found here. A set of divisional statutes is in the making.

Biointerfaces Division
2016-2019 Triennium
Biointerfaces Division
2013-2016 Triennium
Chair Spain Miguel Manso Chair Italy Giacomo Ceccone
Vice Chair Italy Giacomo Ceccone Vice Chair France Anouk Galtayries
Secretary Portugal Dmitri Petrovykh Secretary Spain Miguel Manso
Representatives Argentina Osvaldo Chara Representatives Argentina
Australia Australia
Austria Robert Schennach Austria Jozef Keckes
Belgium Stephane Lucas Belgium Stephane Lucas
Brazil Carlos R. Grandini Brazil
Bulgaria Ekaterina Borisova Croatia Vesna Svetilcic
Croatia Galja Pletikapic Czech Republic Bohuslav Recek
Czech Republic Bohuslav Recek Finland Jari Koskinen
Finland Jari Koskinen Germany Christiane Ziegler
France Anouk Galtayries Great Britain Morgan Alexander
Germany Hadi Mozaffari-Jovein Hungary Robert Horvath
Great Britain Mischa Zelzer India
Hungary Peter Petrik Iran
India Israel Alex Laikhtman
Iran Japan Hirofumi Yamada
Israel Shachar Richter Korea Wan Soo Yun
Japan Toshiro Ogino Mexico Claudia Oliva Mendoza Barrera
Korea Tae Geol Lee Netherlands
Mexico Jose Luis Herrera-Perez Pakistan Attiya Bhatti
Netherlands P.R. China
Pakistan Attiya Rizwan Poland
Philippines Julius Andrew P. Nuñez Portugal Dmitri Petrovykh
P.R. China Zheng Hu Russian Federation
Poland Slovakia Vladimir Tvarozek
Portugal Slovenia Alenka Vesel
Russian Federation Sweden Fredrik Höök
Slovakia Sona Kovacova Switzerland
Slovenia Alenka Vesel USA Lara Gamble
Sweden Kajsa Uvdak
USA Lara Gamble