Francisco Yubero

Dr. Francisco Yubero is part of the Nanotechnology on Surface and Plasma group at the Institute of Materials Science of Sevilla (ICMS) from the Spanish National Research Centre (CSIC, Spain).

Main research topic

Along the last 30 years he has been involved in many research and industrial projects related to the development of thin films with controlled nano/microstructure and chemistry to achieve specific optic/photonic, electric, biological, luminescent or electrochemical functionalities. Among them, let’s mention porous Ni-YSZ and Ni-GDC based fuel cell anodes, compact Zr-Si oxides tunable refractive index or high–k materials, rare earth doped SiO2, ZnO, or TiO2 thin film scintillators, porous tungsten based oxides electrochromic films, F-DLC based films as antiseptic coatings, coated resorbable membranes for osteointegration, porous birefringent Bragg microcavities based on sculptured thin film multilayers as label free liquid and vapor sensors or 1D truncated photonic crystals developed for optofluidic molecular chiral detection.