Jean-François Pierson

Since 2012, Jean-François PIERSON is full Professor at the University of Lorraine. His teaching activities are performed at Mines Nancy (a French engineering school). The research work of Prof. Pierson is done at the Institut Jean Lamour, a research laboratory affiliated to both University of Lorraine and the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). He is currently the deputy director of the Institut Jean Lamour (approx. 550 people).

Main research topic

His research is dedicated to the elaboration by magnetron sputtering and the characterization of thin films (oxides, nitrides, metallic glasses and high entropy alloys) for energy, optical and electrical applications. A special attention has been devoted to the synthesis of new and metastable phases. Since few years, his research work is performed using the TUBE facility available at the Institut Jean Lamour. The TUBE can be described as the interconnection of 25 thin film deposition and in situ characterization methods connected by a 70 meter long tunnel under ultra-high vacuum (10-10 mbar) allowing the transfer from one chamber to another one while avoiding the air contamination of surfaces. He has published more than 170 papers in international journals and he is co-author of 7 international patents.