Joel Borges

Dr. Joel Borges is an Assistant Researcher at the Physics Center of Minho and Porto Universities (CF-UM-UP), and lecturer at the Physics Department of Minho University in Portugal.

Main research topic

His main research topic is the development of nanoplasmonic thin film materials composed by noble metal nanoparticles (Au, Ag) dispersed in oxide matrixes (TiO2, CuO, Al2O3, ZnO, etc.). The thin films are produced by reactive magnetron sputtering deposition, followed by thermal annealing to promote the growth of the nanoparticles. Main applications of LSPR thin films are in biosensing (Fig. 1), high-resolution gas sensing (Fig. 2), and deformation sensors (Fig. 3). Co-author of more than 65 peer reviewed papers (SCOPUS-ID) and Special Issue Editor of Sensors (MDPI). He was General Chair of 95th IUVSTA Workshop on Plasmonic Thin Films: Theory, Synthesis and Applications.