Miha Čekada

A physicist by basic profession, he obtained the PhD in materials sciences at the University of Ljubljana in 2002. He is a scientific councilor at the Jožef Stefan Institute, the head of the Department of Thin Films and Surfaces, and the head of the Hard Coatings Center. He is also affiliated as associate professor at the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School.

Main research topic

While being active in many fields of thin film physics, his core research topic has always been centered around hard protective coatings. This includes issues in applying PVD processes on complex-geometry objects (such as cutting tools), thin film growth phenomena (e.g. growth defects) and analytics of applied properties of hard coatings. He is strongly engaged in industrial implementation of hard coatings and solving surface-related issues in production. Due to his position being spread between academia and industry he is also engaged in several policy bodies facilitating collaboration between them.