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Plasma Science and Technologies

This division (formerly known as the Fusion Division) is concerned with gas fueling and pumping of large vacuum vessels; design and construction of such vessels, radioactive gas storage, recovery, and handling; pressure measurement, leak testing and repair of plasma devices and fusion reactors including particle beam injection; plasma wall interactions; plasma diagnostics (magnetic confinement fusion (MCF) and inertial confinement fusion (ICF); vacuum materials development; coatings, claddings, ceramics and alloys; ICF microtarget development, and neutral and negative ion beam injector technology. Also of concern are interaction of plasmas with and characterization of plasmas near surfaces.

Topics Organization



Typical topics include:

  • Wall and limiter conditioning in large fusion devices
  • Design aspects of next-generation devices
  • Recent advances in plasma diagnostics
  • Vacuum material development; plasma-wall interactions
  • Near surface characterization
  • Plasma impurity control and, recycling
  • Plasma fueling and heating
  • Microtarget fabrication and driver microtarget interactions
  • Maintenance of large fusion devices
  • Production and measurement of vacuum in fusion devices
  • Gas handling in fusion devices
  • Surface modification by plasma coatings


Division representatives 2019-2022 Triennium


Japan Satoshi Hamaguchi Chair
Great Britain Deborah O’Connell Vice Chair
Slovenia Miran Mozetič Secretary


Argentina Adriana Marquez
Australia Marcela Bilek
Austria Johann Laimer
Belgium Marie-Paule Delplancke
Brazil Mario Ueda
Bulgaria Svilen Sabchevski
Croatia Slobodan Milošević
Czech Republic František Krčma
Finland Timo Sajavaara
France Corinne Champeaux
Germany Sven Ulrich
Hungary Béla HOPP
Israel Asher Yahalom
Italy Antonella Milella
Korea ShinJae You
Mexico José Guadalupe Quiñones-Galván
Pakistan Khalid Alamgir
Philippines Michelle Marie S. Villamayor
P.R. China Changzhi Gu
Poland Witold Gulbiński
Portugal Yuri Nunes
Slovakia Zdenko Machala
Spain Victor Herrero
Sweden Daniel Lundin
Switzerland Herbert Keppner
USA Mohan Sankaran