Seyed Mohammad Rozati


Prof. S.M.Rozati has received his ,B.Sc. (1984) and M.Sc.(1986) from Poona (Pune) University, India. PhD ( 1993) in Physics of materials using Vacuum Electron Beam Evaporation Technique from School of Solar Energy Studies, Physics Department, Poona (Pune) University, India. Since 1995 till now he is working at the University of Guilan, Rasht , Iran as a Full Professor of Physics. He was the head of the Physics Department (1999),also dean of administration and financial affairs of Science Faculty (2005). From 2007-2015 he was dean of Research of Science Faculty at University of Guilan. He was involving in teaching also and teach, physics courses in B.Sc., M.Sc. and PHD levels. Since 1995 more than 50 M.Sc. , 14 Ph.D. andĀ  one postdoc students have completed their theses with him and at present guiding 4 M.Sc. and 5 Ph.D. students and one postdoc on physics of materials.

Main research topic:

Physics of Materials, Transparent Conducting Oxides for solar cells contact, Physics of thin films and solar energy, Gas sensing, different kind of thin film deposition techniques including vacuum and non-vacuum systems. Prof. Rozati published more than 110 papers and also attended and present papers in more than 150 national and international conferences. He has developed several thin film systems including spray pyrolysis , atmospheric CVD ,thin film gas sensorĀ  and many works on vacuum systems namely sputtering and electron beam evaporation.