Siamak Nejati

Siamak Nejati (He/Him/His) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). His research is focused on the precise and bottom-up approaches for creating organic frameworks with tunable physical and chemical properties.

Main research topic

Current: Organic-inorganic interfaces with electrocatalytic activities

Porous and crystalline materials, such as Covalent Organic Frameworks, are intriguing carbon-based constructs known for their reactivity and electronic properties. The growth of these frameworks from the vapor phase results in molecular assemblies at rapid rates and simplifies the processability for future studies and applications of these materials. Expanding on this work could open up new avenues for twistronics in carbon materials, and research is expected to continue in this direction. Currently, my primary focus lies in exploring the electrocatalytic activities of these frameworks, as I have developed a strong passion for converting waste into valuable products.

Past: Understanding wettability and surface properties of functionalized porous domain for controlling water translocation in microgravity, wicks, etc.

Toolbox: CVD/MLD

Figure taken from Thesis, E. Tavakoli 2021