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Vacuum Science and Technology

The Vacuum Science and Technology deals with all phenomena related with gas dynamics impacting the production, measurement, and analysis of vacuum. The division is interested in the vacuum properties of materials as permeability, absorption or desorption (outgassing, degassing), vacuum pumping and contamination, as well as new leak detection techniques and improved total and partial pressure measurements. Standards for these and other measurements are continually reviewed by the Division, and the division represents IUVSTA on ISO Committee TC112 on Vacuum Technology.

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Main Vacuum Science and Technology topics include:

  • vacuum characteristics of materials (permeability, sorption, desorption, spontaneous or accelerated by physical processes, new materials),
  • Thin Films and Coatings for vacuum applications (e.g. SRF, NEG, SEY Reduction)
  • vacuum pumps (new devices, performance),
  • total and partial vacuum instrumentation (new devices, performance),
  • gas dynamics simulations (statics, time evolution, temperature, interaction residual gas/matter and high energy particles),
  • vacuum system for large applications (accelerators, cryogenics),
  • vacuum processing (surface preparation for vacuum use),

  • metrology/standards,
Division representatives 2019-2022 Triennium
Brazil Marcelo J. Ferreira Chair
Switzerland Martin Wüest Vice Chair
Great Britain Joe Herbert Secretary
Argentina Marcelo Nazzarro
Australia Anton P.J. Stampfl
Austria Manfred Leisch
Belgium Bauduin Thibaut
Bulgaria Petar Petrov
Croatia Stjepko Fazinić
Czech Republic Tomáš Gronych
Finland Jyrki Molarius
France Jean-Louis Bersier
Germany Ute Bergner
Hungary György Sáfrán
Iran Farhad Masoumian
Israel Koby Leist
Italy Paolo Michelato
Japan Yasunori Tanimoto
Korea Taekyun Ha
Mexico Miguel Ángel Santana-Aranda
Pakistan Wakil Khan
Phillippines Christian Lorenz S. Mahinay
P.R. China Dechun Ba
Poland Elżbieta Czerwosz
Portugal Orlando M.N.D. Teodoro
Slovakia Jozef Dobrovodský
Slovenia Janez Šetina
Spain José M. Hidalgo
Sweden Per Eklund
USA Jay Hendricks

Joint Conferences

Join organized conferences European vacuum societies and Vacuum Science and Technology Division

Edition Date Location
EVC-1 11-15 April 1988 Salford (GB)
EVC-2 21-26 May 1990 Trieste (IT)
EVC-3 23-27 September 1991 Vienna (AT)
EVC-4 13-17 June 1994 Uppsala (SE)
EVC-5 23-27 September 1996 Salamanca (ES)
EVC-6 7-10 December 1999 Lyon (FR)
EVC-7 17-21 September 2001 Madrid (ES)
EVC-8 23-26 June 2003 Berlin (DE)
EVC-9 4-7 April 2005 Paris (FR)
EVC-10 22-26 September 2008 Lake Balaton (HU)
EVC-11 20-24 September 2010 Salamanca (ES)
EVC-12 04-08 June 2012 Dubrovnik (HR)
EVC-13 08-12 September 2014 Aveiro (PT)
EVC-14 06-10 June 2016 Portoroz (SL)
EVC-15 17-22 June 2018 Geneva (CH)
EVC-16 30 May – 4 June 2021 Marseille (FR)


  • 80th IUVSTA Workshop
    “Ultra Low Emittance Light Source Vacuum Systems”
    Hsinchu, Taiwan
    October 24-28, 2016
    Web: http://www.taiwanvacuum.org/index.php/en/ws80
    Final Report (pdf Format, 497 KB): Workshop 80
  • 77th IUVSTA Workshop (Vacuum Science and Technology Division)
    “Surface processes, gas dynamic and vacuum technology of cryogenic vacuum systems”
    Kasugi View Hotel, Fuefuki, Japan
    August 17-21, 2016
    Web: http://www.vacuum-jp.org/IUVSTA/77IUVSTA_workshop/
    Final Report (pdf Format, 31.96 KB): Workshop 77
  • 64th IUVSTA Workshop (Vacuum Science and Technology Division)
    “Practical Applications and Methods of Gas Dynamics for Vacuum Science & Technology”
    Leinsweiler, Germany
    May 16 – 19 2011
    Web: http://www.itep.kit.edu/VGD-2011.php
    Final Report (pdf Format, 156kB): Workshop 64
  • 63rd IUVSTA Workshop (Vacuum Science and Technology)
    “Surface Phenomena Limiting Ultimate Pressures in Vacuum Systems”
    Avila, Spain
    14-19 September 2010
    Web: http://www.icmm.csic.es/aseva/ws60.html
    Final Report (pdf Format, 714kB): Workshop 63
  • 51st IUVSTA Workshop (Vacuum Science and Technology Division)
    “Workshop on Modern Problems and Capability of Vacuum Gas Dynamic ”
    Djurönäset, Värmdö, Sweden
    July 9-11 2007
    Organisers: Oleg Malyshev, ASTeC, CCLRC Daersbury Lab, UK
    Contact persons: Oleg Malyshev
    Web : http://www.vgd07.dl.ac.uk/
  • 45th IUVSTA Workshop (Vacuum Science and Technology Division)
    “NEG (Non Evaporable Getter) Coating for Particle Accelerators and Vacuum Systems”
    Catania, Italy
    5-8 April, 2006
    Organisers: Oleg Malyshev (ASTeC) and Paolo Manini (AIV)
    Contact: paolo_manini@saes-group.com
    Web: http://www.aiv.it/aivevento3/index.html
  • 41st IUVSTA Workshop (Vacuum Science Division)
    “Vacuum System Design for Particle Accelerators: A Multidisciplinary Approach”
    Brdo, Slovenia
    21-24 June 2004
    Contact: J.Setina, Institute of Metals and Technology, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Web: http://www.imt.si/iuvsta


VSTD sub-committee for ISO TC 112