IUVSTA Welch Scholarship Recipients

The scholars and their countries of origin and study have been:

Year Name Country of Origin Country of Study
2022 Rui Shu Sweden USA
2021 Rémi Delaporte-Mathurin France USA
2021 Yanela Mendez González Cuba Spain
2020 Pierre Vinchon Canada Japan
2019 Clio Azina Sweden Germany
2018 Abdul Wasy Zia Pakistan USA
2013 E. Kalfon-Cohen Israel USA
2012 G. Palsson Iceland USA
2011 Barbara Setina Batic Slovenia Italy
2010 Antonio Politano Italy Spain
2009 Henning Urban Germany United Kingdom
2008 Alexy Shashurin Israel USA
2007 Oren Tal Israel The Netherlands
2006 Johanna Rosen Germany Australia
2005 Fredrik Eriksson Sweden USA
2004 Maksim Kireitseu Belarus USA
2003 Rafi Shikler Israel United Kingdom
2002 Muhammad Tawalbeh Jordan Canada
2001 Christine A. Nicoll Canada United Kingdom
2000 Erik Svedberg Sweden USA
1999 She Guan Wang China/Israel USA
1998 M. Keidar Israel USA
1997 Sasha Gorer Israel USA
1996 Helmut Öfner Austria USA
1995 Wei Yang China USA
1994 Marlin Foltin Slovakia USA
1993 Wu Hong China USA
1992 Jose del Barco Argentina France
1991 M.-A. Hassan Iraq/Sweden USA
1990 Lars G. Hultman Sweden USA
1989 Suda Uthanna India Germany
1988 G. M. Sundaram USA United Kingdom
1987 S. N. Sahu India Australia
1986 Yumin Gao China France
1985 Jan Paul Sweden United Kingdom
1984 Catherine Foley Australia USA
1983 Antoni Ciszewski Poland USA
1982 P. A. Dowben USA Germany
1981 C. V. Dharmadhikari India USA
1980 J. A. Kolaczkiewicz Poland Germany
1979 P. I. Cohen USA Not Used
1978 L. Verheij Netherlands United Kingdom
1977 H. Kezuka Japan Germany
1976 H. Urbankova Czechoslovakia USA
1975 S. M. Ojha India USA
1974 O. Christensen Denmark France
1973 J. Czyzewski Poland USA
1972 E. Rieger Hungary Netherlands
1971 S. Tabata Japan France
1970 M. Vesely Czechoslovakia USA
1969 J. Lopez-Sancho Spain USA


Applications must this year be received prior to September 15, 2020 for the scholarship starting in September of that year. The applicant must have a letter forwarded from the laboratory in which she or he proposes to study in support of the application. The Announcement, Application and Research Proposal Forms are available on the web or by contacting the Chair of the IUVSTA Welch Award Committee:
Dr. Anton P.J. Stampfl
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Address: New Illawarra Rd, Lucas Heights NSW 2234
Postal address: Locked Bag 2001, Kirrawee DC NSW 2232
Email: welchaward@iuvsta.org