Endorsement of Conferences

IUVSTA endorses conferences on vacuum science, applied surface science, electronic materials and processing, nanometer structures, plasma science and technique, surface science, thin films, and vacuum metallurgy. The formalities of endorsement are handled by the Secretary-General, but divisional approval is required.

Regular IUVSTA or co-sponsored conferences:

  • International Vacuum Congress/International Conference on Solid Surfaces (IVC/ICSS)
  • International Conference on Thin Films (ICTF)
  • European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS)
  • European Vacuum Conference (EVC)

Regulations for IUVSTA Endorsement of Conferences

A. Introduction
The International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications (IUVSTA) may endorse congresses, conferences, symposia, summer schools, scientific workshops, etc. (hereafter called "event") for which the subject content of the event is, or is capable of becoming, of wide interest, i.e. not only of interest to the host country.

New or emerging subjects may initially be limited to a specific country but, by their nature, be of international interest.

Attendance at the event is to be truly multinational, with expectations that a substantial fraction of the attendees will be from outside the host country.

B. General Requirements for Endorsement

  1. The subject of the event must fall within the broad areas of vacuum science and applications covered by the IUVSTA.
  2. The event must have an international scientific or technical papers committee, or, demonstrate broad international representation among invited speakers.
  3. Apart from, or including, the national language(s) that is (are) allowed, at least one of the three official languages of the IUVSTA (English, French or German), is to be used in abstracts and communications.
  4. It must be understood that the IUVSTA accepts no financial responsibility if endorsement is granted and the organisers must indicate who will underwrite any financial loss.

C. Application Procedure
The organising body should request and complete the Endorsement Application form. This should be returned to the Secretary General of the IUVSTA.

The organisers must AGREE to

  1. include the IUVSTA name and logo on all event announcements.
  2. add the phrase "Endorsed by the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications" to subsequent literature describing the event.
  3. provide a Website url for the meeting and the name/ e-mail address of the person who will maintain the site.
  4. distribute IUVSTA material provided to the organisers.

After the event the organisers are REQUESTED to send a report on it to the Secretary General for publication on the IUVSTA Web Page.

They are also asked to try to persuade publishers of Proceedings to donate free copies to the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste for distribution to scientists in developing countries.

D. Processing Procedure
If the Secretary General is satisfied that the application fulfils the IUVSTA requirements, he will forward the papers to the Scientific Secretary who will complete the following endorsement procedure and notify the applicant and the Secretary General of the outcome.

  1. The Scientific Secretary will contact the Chairperson of the most appropriate IUVSTA Scientific Division and ask for Division approval of endorsement.
  2. This Chairperson will respond promptly and give the approval, or otherwise, on behalf of the Division, normally after seeking the opinions of members of the Divisional Committee.
  3. The Scientific Secretary will notify the Scientific Director and all other Division Chairs of the intention to grant Endorsement of the event.
  4. If there are no objections, the Scientific Secretary will write to the event organisers and offer IUVSTA Endorsement. Copies of this letter will be sent to the Scientific Director and the Secretary General.
  5. The Director of STD will report to the next Executive Council Meeting on Endorsement requests and the decisions made.

E. Endorsed Events
If endorsement is granted the IUVSTA will, with the help of the appropriate Division,

  1. Supply the organising body with a list of addresses of Divisional Officers of the Division concerned.
  2. Advise the organising committee,  if requested, on possible members for the scientific or technical papers committee.
  3. Attempt to send a delegate to the opening session of the event if so requested.
  4. Announce the event in the IUVSTA Bulletin on the Web Page and, subsequently, publish a report on the conference on this page.

Events organised by the IUVSTA Divisions such as ECOSS, EVC, and ICTF will receive the IUVSTA endorsement automatically on request.