International Conference on Thin Films


The ICTF is a well-established conference series (first edition took place in Boston, Massachusetts, US in 1969) for all researchers interested in thin films and coatings. It is organized every three years and supported by the Thin Film Division.


ICTF20 will take place in 2026. The venue will be Biarritz in France.

Former editions

19th Burgos, Spain 2023
18th Budapest, Hungary 2020
17th New Delhi, India 2017
16th Dubrovnik, Croatia 2014
15th Kyoto, Japan 2011
14th Ghent, Belgium 2008
13th Stockholm, Sweden 2005
12th Bratislava, Slovakia 2002
11th Cancun, Mexico 1999
10th Salamanca, Spain 1996
9th Vienna, Austria 1993
8th San Diego, USA 1990
7th Delhi, india 1987
6th Stockholm, Sweden 1984
5th Tel-Aviv, Israel 1981
4th Loughborough, UK 1978
3th Budapest, Hungary 1975
2nd Venice, Italy 1972
1st Boston, USA 1969


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