Thin Film Division

About the division

The Thin Film Division (TFD) gathers the representatives of the national vacuum societies with expertise in the scientific and technical aspects related to the growth, characterization and application of thin films using vacuum based methods.

The members of the division have elected three colleagues as their officers. The current officers are

Chair: Francisco Yubero (ICMS, Spain)

Co-Chair : Siliva Maria Deambrosis (CNR-ICMATE, Italy)

Secretary: Diederik Depla (UGent, Belgium).

Francisco Yubero

Silvia Maria Deambrosis

Diederik Depla

Anna Maria Coclite

Khalid Mahmood

Seyed Mohammad Rozati

Alvaro José Damião

Joel Borges

Jean-François Pierson

Siamak Nejati

Taro Hitosugi

Jaroslav Bruncko

Regina Pasziewicz

Catherine Joy Dela Cruz

Laura Juhász

Miha Čekada

Elad Gross

Jordi Sancho Parramon

Tomas Nyberg










Our mission

Our mission is to provide a forum for research scientists and technologists involved in the preparation, processing, and characterization of thin films, as well as, their incorporation in final devices such as protective coatings, sensors, electrodes, optical devices or aesthetic coatings.The aim is to promote skills and knowledge for fundamental and applied research.

Our objectives

We wish to promote, encourage and develop science and technology associated with fundamental and applied aspects related to the topics mentioned above in all countries, mainly through the following means:

  • Link with national and international bodies active in the field of science/technology of thin films with the particular aim of effective coordination, at the international level, and act to relay information on local national meetings.
  • Organize the technical sessions at the International Vacuum Congress and other international conferences, topical conferences, summer schools, workshops, short courses, educational activities and exhibitions.
  • Promotion of the publication of scientific papers in proceedings, scientific journals and books on science and technology related to thin films.
  • Contribute to other activities of the IUVSTA, in particular those of interest to the community involved on thin film growth and related technologies
  • Selection and endorsement of the International Conference on Thin Films (ICTF).

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